Share your Thoughts on Waiver Re-design

The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services, Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services is engaged in a two-year process to redesign Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid waivers for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Throughout this process, the Division has built in opportunities to hear from various stakeholders to ensure our redesign priorities and efforts align with the desires and needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities who may access our services.

Currently, our project contractor Human Services Research Institute has been reviewing historical information about Indiana’s system. Most importantly, they have been reviewing input that stakeholders have shared over the years regarding what they want from the IDD Service System and from the HCBS waiver program.

Today, we would like to get your feedback on the key themes that HSRI identified through their research. You can provide this feedback by using the following survey link to review the themes and provide your thoughts. The survey should take only a few minutes to complete: (en espanol)

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