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2020 STAR Award Application

A star was chosen to represent the Down Syndrome Indiana for several reasons:


Parents, siblings, educators, and other friends and family often describe individuals with Down syndrome as “stars”, or the center of attention. The star logo recognizes that quality, and reminds us of our need to challenge ourselves and society to see all individuals with Down syndrome for their contributions to their community.


A star has long been a symbol of achievement. The star logo reminds us of the importance of all “achievements” of individuals with Down syndrome.


As a group of people familiar with the history of Down syndrome and its treatments, we recognize that we are still at the beginning of our journey to discover the full potential of individuals with Down syndrome. The star represents our collective reaching for a brighter future for all individuals with Down syndrome.

Each year, Down Syndrome Indiana celebrates all individuals that have been instrumental in continuing their mission within the Down syndrome community. Three dedicated individuals who have made a long-term contributions to the Down syndrome community will be honored with the reception of the reputable “STAR Award”.

If you would like to nominate someone special for a “STAR Award”, please contact Stephanie Garner, DSI Program Coordinator at Please note that while we appreciate their many contributions, DSI Staff and Board Members are ineligible for this award.

Thank you,

Down Syndrome Indiana

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