Get a Down Syndrome Awareness License Plate

Show support for individuals with Down syndrome.

Spread the word about Down syndrome awareness and support our mission to enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families by purchasing a Down syndrome awareness license plate. A $15 supplemental fee and a $25 group fee is due for each Down Syndrome Awareness plate that is purchased. The group fee will be distributed back to the Down Syndrome organization to support our efforts to provide accurate and up to date information about Down syndrome. The license plate is available to be placed on a Passenger vehicle, trucks weighing 11,000 lb. or less, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles (including autocycles).

Purchase our Plate:

Down syndrome Awareness license plates can be purchased in person, at any Indiana BMV branch, at a BMV Connect kiosk, or online beginning in January 1, 2021. To find the plate online, visit the BMV website at: and select the plate labeled, “Down Syndrome Awareness”. 

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