Educator Tool Kit

Welcome to our Down Syndrome Indiana Educator Tool Kit! This tool kit includes links to educational videos and brochures and handouts that are free to download.

Down Syndrome Indiana provides free presentations on awareness, inclusion, and acceptance. We would love to come talk to your students about Down syndrome. Contact us for more information at or call 317-925-7617.



Educational Videos


My Friend Isabelle – Everyone Counts: My Friend Isabelle – YouTube


DSI Self Advocate Alissa Kahl sharing her story –


Just Like You – Down syndrome ––xOyGUX4


D is for Down Syndrome: A Child’s View by Amy E Sturkey PT

My Friend Isabelle by Eliza Woloson

What’s Inside You Is Inside Me, Too: My Chromosomes Make Me Unique by Deslie Webb Quinby

World Down Syndrome Day Brochures

Download and print these informative brochures to share with your students.

World Down Syndrome Day Posters

31 Facts About Down syndrome

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