Early Intervention

Q:   I have a newborn with Down syndrome.  My friend has mentioned First Steps services.  How soon should we get started?

A:  Right now!  The First Steps program in Indiana provides Early Intervention (EI) Services to Children ages birth to 3 or who are at risk for developmental delays.  These services can include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Developmental Therapy, and Nutrition Services as well as many others.  Getting started early with services is one way you can help to optimize your child’s development.  For more information contact Indiana First Steps at 317-232-1144 and press #2 or toll-free in Indiana 1-800-441-7837 and press option #2.

Maria Stanley, M.D.

Ann Whitehill Down Syndrome Program

RileyHospital for Children

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics

IndianaUniversitySchool of Medicine

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