Ds Clinics

Click here for a downloadable/shareable list of Down syndrome Clinics:  Ds Clinics

Peyton Manning/St. Vincent Hospital

Down Syndrome Clinic

2001 West 86th Street; Indianapolis, IN 46260

Phone Number:  (317) 338-5288


 Riley Hospital for Children – Division of Developmental Pediatrics

Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health

Division of Developmental Pediatrics

1002 Wishard Blvd Ste 2120,

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Main Phone Number:  (317) 944-4846

Referral Fax Number:  (317) 944-9760


Department Forms & Resources:  Consultation Request Form (Riley at IU Health) (Referring providers should fill out this form and fax it to our dedicated referral fax line at

(317) 944-9760)


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