Buddy Walk® Indianapolis

The 24th Buddy Walk® Indianapolis is October 2nd, 2021! 

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Interested in being a sponsor for the Buddy Walk 2021 

Each year, Buddy Walk Indianapolis welcomes sponsors to support the Buddy Walk’s mission! Below is our sponsorship form in which you can see what each sponsorship level entails. If you have any questions or would like to send a completed Sponsorship Form to Down Syndrome Indiana, please directly email buddywalk@dsindiana.org



One of the main goals of the Buddy Walk ® is to promote acceptance & inclusion of people with Down syndrome!   In honor of the Buddy Walk ® and Down syndrome Awareness Month (October), consider participating in one of these great activities to promote acceptance and inclusion…..

#DSI Rocks – Painted Rocks

Get in on the Painted Rock fun by painting your own #DSIROCKS painted rocks.  

  1. Find the perfect sized rock in your garden or at your local creek.
  2. Add Down syndrome related images (3 arrows, 3:21, a blue and yellow ribbon, etc) or come up with other unique ideas
  3. Write @DSIROCKS or #DSIROCKS on the bottom with permanent marker
  4. Hide your DSIROCKS in a fun location
  5. Post a pic of your #DSIROCKS & tell us where you found it, then rehide the rock to help Down Syndrome Indiana keep spreading awareness for Down syndrome
  6. Check our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DSIROCKS to see who finds your rock!

Random Acts of Kindness

Do you want to show the world the positive influence that individuals with Down syndrome have on their community?   Then join in our Random Acts of Kindness Campaign for Buddy Walk Indianapolis!

  1. Choose your Random Acts of Kindness.   We suggest aiming to complete 21 Random Acts of Kindness leading up to the Buddy Walk on October 31st but you could do as many as you like!  We recommend involving your loved on with Down syndrome. Come up with ideas and complete acts together!
  2. Have fun! We have supplied a handy postcards that can be printed and shared with the recipient of your Random Act of Kindness. This card will be a tangible reminder of your generosity, and educational piece with a fact about Down syndrome, and a link to the DSI website.  Consider wearing a Down syndrome awareness shirt as you complete your acts. Perhaps a Buddy Walk® shirt representing your local organization, or an accessory (pin, button, etc.) representing your loved on with Down syndrome.
  3. Pay it forward!   Encourage the recipient of your act to continue the movement and do something nice for a friend or even a complete stranger. Keep the positivity going and complete as many Random Acts of Kindness as possible! 
  4. Take pictures of Random Acts of Kindness in progress, and share them on Social Media.

Suggested social media tags:  #BuddyWalkIndy       @dsindiana              @downsyndromeindiana

Scavenger Hunt Key Word: Inclusion

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