Black Family Village of DSI

The Black Family Village of DSI is a group of family, friends, advocates, and support specialists who have come together to support, encourage, and uplift our loved ones born with that “extra special” extra chromosome, as well as, those who care for them. We wanted to have a safe space where black families and those raising black children with DS could get support, advice, vent, and even have a little fun in the process. We are all familiar with the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” This is especially important when the children we are raising have Down Syndrome. Our community faces challenges that only we can understand; and in order to thrive, bring change, and uplift our children we must work together…as a VILLAGE! So welcome to the Village! We look forward to getting to know one another!

Join our Facebook page at to learn about upcoming events and activities!

For more information, contact or call 317-925-7617.

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