Buddy Walk®

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Down Syndrome Indiana’s largest fundraising event

Buddy Walk® Indianapolis Event Info

Note: When registering, please register all team members that will be walking with you. This helps us know how many people are impacted and helps us plan better for this year and future years.

Trouble Signing Up?

Our goal is to have as many people participate in Buddy Walk® events as possible since this is one of Down Syndrome Indiana’s largest and most successful fundraising events. If you are experiencing issues signing up for Buddy Walk®, follow the instructions provided below:

Registration Step by Step

For more information about serving on a planning committee, sponsoring a Buddy Walk, volunteering or hosting a fundraiser to benefit the Buddy Walk®, please contact buddywalk@dsindiana.org or contact the Down Syndrome Indiana office at                   317-925-7617. You can also use a donation form to track offline donations made to your team!