Mission, Vision, Values

Down Syndrome Indiana Mission

We enhance the lives of individuals with Down syndrome and their families. We advise, educate, encourage, connect, include, and advocate.

Down Syndrome Indiana Vision

We envision a future in which each person enjoys a
happy, healthy, and productive daily life.

We make this future possible through family guidance, comprehensive resources, community outreach, and public leadership.

Down Syndrome Indiana is committed to supporting individuals with Down syndrome throughout their lifetime by…

  • Promoting self advocacy, inclusion and participation in the community
  • Being the most comprehensive resource on Down syndrome
  • Serving as the state leader for public policy advocacy
  • Increasing positive public awareness about Down syndrome


  1. Raise positive public awareness about Down syndrome
  2. Grow the Down syndrome Community Network
  3. Serve as a valuable information resource
  4. Educate families
  5. Influence Indiana Public Policy
  6. Strengthen Down Syndrome Indiana’s organization
  7. Increase inclusion and diversity considerations in all we do

The Principles and beliefs that guide our work…

That is simple. People first.

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