Get to Know: Taylor Heaton, DSI Intern

How long have you been volunteering at DSI?

This will be my first year volunteering at DSI!

What do you love about volunteering?

I love the sense of community and helping people. I grew up in a very small town with less than 1,000 people and having the chance to be a part of a community organization at my high school and to be able to give back to my community members was such an amazing experience. Volunteering gives me a way to reach out to others during a time of need or to gain experience for my future.

Tell us about yourself?

I am currently a senior at IUPUI majoring in Tourism Convention and Event Management. A couple of fun facts about me is I have a flat head (thank goodness i have a lot of hair) I have also been to Disney World 13 times, my first time visiting was when i was two years old. I have a severe peanut and tree nut allergy, when I was three years old I had a reaction to the smell of peanut butter. Baking and cooking is a passion of mine because it allows me to bring friends and family together.

What are your future plans?

After graduation I plan to work my way up and learn about the event and tourism management industry. In the near future I would like to own a clothing boutique and own and operate a wedding and events company.

Do you have a connection to Down syndrome?

I do not, however, I have worked with many kids who have disabilities. In the previous year I worked at a program called summer daycare in my hometown, and a young boy that I connected with is a Riley Hospital patient. I was able to make him feel comforted because he had a sensory problem. For the past four years of my college career I have been a part of Jagathon which is a Riley dance Marathon. I have served on the committee/chair position, I enjoy the experience to help give kids more birthdays, holidays, and more smiles for their future. 

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