Join us for Big 10 DSA Challenge!

With the Big Ten season of football postponed, what better way to spend you week than competing in the Big Ten DSA Challenge?


Each week DSACO will be “challenging” another Down Syndrome Association (DSA) to a walking/running competition. The challenge will be to see which organization can average the most miles throughout the week. Next week, 26th of October – November 1st, we are being challenged!


This challenge is open to ALL AGES and ALL FAMILY MEMBERS. Our only requirement is that your family member with Down syndrome must be involved / participating for the miles to “count” towards the DSACO team’s totals.

How does it work?

Once you register through the link below, you will receive additional information on how to set up your account in Run Keeper, the app we’ll be using to track your mileage for the challenge.

Step by step instructions for how to set up a challenge for your DSA in the Run Keeper app.

1. Create a DSA account in the app Run Keeper. Once you create an account, you will be able to add participants as friends.

Once the account is created, you will see on a bar on the left-hand side. Select the option “Me”

2. This will bring you to your friends list and will also give you the option to add friends.

From here, you will select the option “Missing any friends”.

 3. From here, you will be able to search friends by name, username, or email address. Once you find the account you are looking for, you will then select “ADD”

4. Now that you have all participants added as friends, you can cerate your challenge! To begin, on the main page you will select “Challenges”.

5. It will bring you to a dashboard where you will be able to view all challenges available to participate in and a spot for you to create your own challenge.

Once you select “Create a Running Group”, it will walk you through how to make your group!

*TIP: Keep in mind when you are making your group to select the option “Weekly Distance”.

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