What Kinds of Support would you like to see in the Delivery of Case Management Services?

The Indiana Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services, also known as DDRS is working on re-designing its Family Supports Waiver and its Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver. They want to hear from YOU! At any time, you can send your comments to: BDDSInfo@fssa.in.gov.

DSI wants to hear from you too! DSI is going to make a series of videos briefly explaining some key topics and then asking you to comment on them. Your comments will help to inform the comments that Down Syndrome Indiana then submits to the state.

Case management and service coordination are critical functions in any service system. Case managers are often the primary point of contact for people with disabilities and their families. Often people with disabilities and families want a case manager who is “a partner in the process”— someone they can rely on to help them navigate a complex service system. The current role of case manager has many different aspects and responsibilities. Those include:

  • Identify needs and connecting them to services
  • Guide the process of person-centered service planning
  • Monitor health and safety
  • Ensure services are delivered according to the service plan
  • Coordinate across an array of paid and unpaid supports
  • Addressing complex needs and relationships
  • Responding to urgent needs and crises
  • Advocating for the people they support

So, I would love to hear from you, what kinds of support would you like to see in the delivery of case management services in Indiana? Send your comments to lisa@dsindiana.org or comment on any social media platform where you see the video. Thank you.


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