Thank you December DSI Volunteers!

Thank you DSI December Volunteers!

Thank you so everyone who so generously gave of their time in December to further the mission of Down Syndrome Indiana! Collectively you gave 226 hours of your time.


Ane Alerding

Tom Alerding

Jasmine Ballard

Benjamin Buechler

Jen Buechler

Madelyn Buechler

Will Buechler

Stephanie Carlisle

Connor Family

Sam Crook

Shannon DeNoon

Laurel Fink

Allison Forss

Andrew Gallagher

Claire Gallagher

Julie Gallagher

Matthew Gallagher

Rusty Hatchett

Vanessa Helm

Dave Kempf

Becca Kempson

Mackenzie King

Rebekah Lawson

Songwah Ly

Megan Marod

Ezra Odell

Evan Ollier

Chris Ollier

Adrienne Parsons

Ella Parsons

Emily Parsons

Gwen Parsons

Steve Parsons

Jennifer Reed

Gisselle Reyes

Kristin Schoonveld

Nick Schoonveld

Kelley Schreiner

Kaitlyn Shirey

Hannah Simmons

Dave Smith

Lisa Smith

Gunner Smyth

Kris Strohmeyer

Shanele Taylor

Carolyn Thompson

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