Buddy Walk Guide to Fundraising

With Buddy Walk Indianapolis quickly approaching, many questions I am asked pertain to fundraising tips, resources, and ideas! Fundraising can be daunting and intimating at first, although fundraising comes in several forms that can be both fun and enjoyable! Fundraising can be done on social media outlets, sponsorship solicitation, in the community through community fundraisers, and through hosting your own events!

Social media has been growing with fundraising opportunities, from sharing links through emailing to Facebook Fundraisers there can be endless possibilities! Recently, DonorDrive began a new system where teams sign up and make their page integrated with Facebook fundraisers. On average, individuals raise $150.00 through the Facebook fundraising feature! If you already have a Buddy Walk team, the video below will show how to start your Buddy Walk team fundraiser on Facebook directly. If you have yet to make a team yet, part of your signing up will ask you if you want to start a Facebook fundraiser.

In addition to social media, sponsorships are a great way to reach a team goal and expose different businesses to Buddy Walk! Sponsorships that teams bring in will go directly to the team page, which means businesses can receive different advertising opportunities through being sponsors and teams can reach their goal quickly! Sponsorship forms can always be attainable through emailing buddywalk@dsindiana.org each year!

In addition to social media and sponsorships, community fundraisers and events are a great way to advocate and fundraise in different communities! For example, Amanda Melvin in the photo below from Stella’s Solemates decided to go out in her community and put on a Golf Outing which supports her team directly! This year, her golf outing sold out and earned their team a billboard (raising over $5,000). Additionally, individuals can ask their local restaurants to do dine and donates or ask local businesses if they have a fundraising opportunity!

Melvin Photo
The “ask” is greatly important whether you are doing a community fundraiser or asking for a sponsorship. Tips on asking includes:
1. Know your audience, know who you are asking a sponsorship from and come prepared with sponsorship forms!
2. Practice what you are going to say, practice makes perfect and assists answering any questions they may ask!
3. If you plan to have a community event, come prepared with Tax ID information! Additionally, make sure that the community event is something your family, friends, and coworkers would be interested in.

If you have any questions about fundraising, making an “ask”, or reaching out to community partners feel free to contact the Buddy Walk Coordinator, Macy Pohl, at buddywalk@dsindiana.org! Happy Fundraising!

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